A Blockchain Powered Platform for Online Gamers and Gamblers

Blockchain Powered Platform for Online Gamers and Gamblers

For e-gamers and operators, we present a gaming platform — BigBang. This platform indeed is one-stop-shop for gamers across the globe to make the most out of their online gaming experience. BigBang is an online gaming platform that provides gamers a medium for gambling and cryptocurrency token built on Blockchain technology to reward casino and eSport players.

BigBang has a gaming ecosystem that provides gamers with a safe and secure system that rewards the players through a cross-service loyalty token — BigBang Token (BBT). This ecosystem benefits the users by incentivizing, improving all-in-all entertainment and gaming experience, reducing cost and by providing automated marketing for operators.

The current gaming industry faces challenges like improper security and little to no transparency. So, it becomes difficult to get an overview of gamers’ behavior, records, and habits. The unavailability of a single platform through which games and services can be operated results in isolating individual companies.

BigBang, on the other hand, aims to provide directness and transparency to the end users. This blockchain system provides a complete insight into the behavior and habits of the gamers while the BigBang platform ensure e-gamers to feel safe and secure and develop a trust factor that their activities will be rewarded, their winning and their loyalty points will be shared across different games and services. The decentralized blockchain technology ensures trust, data protection, and transparency.

All in all, BigBang Platform provides gamers and operators a one-stop solution to incentivize through a broad loyalty program that ultimately reduces the need of the operators to involve notable resources to marketing which overall provides more and more gamers. At the same time, sponsors can also benefit by fetching more data to focus and devote their efforts more productively.

BigBang provides a platform that stores funds and loyalty points in a cryptographically secure BB E-WALLET which can be easily accessed through a secure hash key. The BigBang Token is an Ethereum (ERC20) based token which is safely stored in the BB E-Wallet. This wallet is different for every gamer. You can exchange BigBang Token to other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currency though public exchange or through BigBang’s in-built DEX (decentralised exchange).

The BigBang Ecosystem

The BigBang Ecosystem is a self-regulating decentralized ecosystem that consists of The BigBang Platform, The BigBang’s in-built DEX (decentralised exchange), and The BigBang Wallet. Each component runs on blockchain and is mutually inclusive of one another.

The BigBang Token (BBT)

BBT is a loyalty and utility token of the BigBang Platform which is based on Ethereum (ERC20) token. The BBT can be easily exchanged with cryptocurrencies and even with fiat currency. BigBang Token is universal reward token that the gamers can get by participating and winning in online gaming activities and services integrated with the platform. The loyalty tokens will ensue in the BB E-Wallet.

The BB E-Wallet

BB E-Wallet is a cryptographically secured wallet which runs on ERC20. This allows you to hold BBT and ERC20 tokens within the wallet. Playing games with BB Platform will earn you loyalty points in the form of BBT, which will be automatically deposited in your BB E-Wallet. BBT can also be transferred to ERC20 wallet and can also be sold on public exchanges or stores or exchanged by BBXchange.

BigBang Platform

BigBang Platform is a network, loyalty program and a payment system that run on a decentralized system. It is a one-stop-solution for gamers as well as operators to enjoy a global network of e-gaming.

For gamers, it provides an immediate loyalty program that provides a loyalty token in the form BBT, a gaming hub, exchange and entertainment online network. On the other hand, for operators, it provides a self-regulated platform that securely integrates games and services, which also avails functioning of CSM and CRM.

This platform efficiently enables operators to interact with gamers across the globe and at the same time allows gamers to avail the rewards of their activities with loyalty points and cash back. Along with that, you can secure your points in BB E-Wallet or exchange the BigBang Tokens with cryptocurrencies or fiat currency through an in-built exchange policy. Apart from this, BigBang will also use network data to map out demographics, preferences, trends, behaviors to get an insight about the eSports and online gambling which will ultimately benefit the sponsors. Overall, this will give operators and sponsors a splendid level of business intelligence to get the most from the gambling industry. This will benefit the gamers, operators, and sponsors around the world.

Unlike the conventional gaming platforms, BigBang gives the gamers and operators a secure and transparent platform backed by blockchain technology. It creates a safe and secure ecosystem for the gamers and operators to interact and connect, and at the same time allows to exchange value without any fear of fraud or legal consequences.

Users can easily register on the platform by creating an account and then going through fast and simple KYC compliance verification process. After verification, you can start buying BigBang Tokens by sending ETH or BTC.

It will not be wrong to say that online gaming industry has evolved in the recent years and is continuously emerging and growing. However, there are certain problems that are involved in traditional sectors of gaming. The decentralized blockchain technology aims to provide a platform that offers transparency, security, freedom, and an easy way to secure and exchange cryptocurrency. Being both fair and secure the blockchain powered e-gambling is the future of the gaming industry.

The BigBang Ecosystem

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