TCL vs Skyworth The Comparison: Technology and Company Profile

Skyworth vs TCL

Skyworth and TCL are among the well known Chinese brand with head office facing each other in Shenzhen’s High Tech Industrial Park known as “Silicon Valley of China”. Skyworth was founded in 1988 while TCL was founded in 1981 as TTK Home Appliances Limited.

Skyworth Products and Employees vs TCL Products and Employees

Skyworth Group has more than 40,000 employees worldwide and its primary business includes development and manufacturing of consumer electronics, smart TV’s, air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, display devices, digital set-top boxes, security monitors, network communication, semi-conductors, 3C (communication, computer, consumer) digital products, LED lighting etc.

While the TCL has more than 75,000 Employees around the world and it’s primary business includes consumer electronics, smart TV’s, air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, display devices, small kitchen home appliances.

Skyworth Technology vs TCL Technology

About TCL Technology
In 2018, TCL unveiled its new Research and Development center in Poland known as the TCL Research Europe, the company’s largest R&D outside China. The TCL Research Europe focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) partnering with Warsaw University of Technology, University of Warsaw and other universities.

Furthermore, in order for TCL to promote the long-term development of AI and enhance TCL’s technological capacity, the comopany also collaborated with University of Hong Kong and Chinese University of Hong Kong to stimulate investment in research and development and the identification of new applications and talent cultivation in AI.

TCL also partners with leading technology companies Google, Amazon, plus 28 R&D Centers, Over 10 Joint Laboratories. to provide high quality TV products with intelligent AI functions to consumers, including the newly-launched AI TVs.

About Skyworth Technology
While Skyworth, since way back in 1999 it already established Lab in Silicon Valley, USA.

In 2016, Skyworth have acquired Metz, a German old TV brand TV last year, it has applied “Skyworth + Metz” double-brand strategy in Europe, speeded up its market expansion in Europe and achieved a rapid growth against the trend.

Lately, in 2018 Skyworth is also partners with leading technology companies Google, Amazon, etc. Skyworth also perfectly positioned to build the big-screen AIoT(Artificial Intelligence of Things) ecosystem with Swaiot™, a unique technology model among industry peers.

Swaiot™ seamlessly connects with the entire ecosystem of AIoT(Artificial Intelligence of Things) and IoT(Internet of Things) devices, enabling users to view, control, and manage all their smart home devices from their television. With the unique TrensAI™ function, televisions can now create the Swaiot™ CENTER for interaction with other smart home devices.

Swaiot™ is supported by SKYWORTH’s cutting-edge AI technology, TrensAI™. TrensAI™ is the intelligent epicenter that powers a smart assistant which adapts to and anticipates users’ needs, allowing for effortless smart home management. The smart assistant can fluidly converse with users by voice with a high degree of accuracy thanks to its powerful AI natural language processing capabilities. It can even do so from a distance with enhanced far-field speech recognition. The technology can readily respond to spoken language and distinguish between voices of different household members, providing personalized responses based on each users’ individual characteristics.

Skyworth vs TCL Being a Leading Brand

Both Skyworth and TCL have claimed to be the number Brand in China. Number 3 in global sales volume and available in more than 160 countries worldwide. Here in the Philippines, both Skyworth, TCL and other Chinese brand is competing to second class TV brands. Please refer to this post; Philippines TV Market Share, Competition, Growth and Industry attractiveness.

Skyworth Product Lineup vs TCL Product Lineup

For product offering here in the Philippines, TCL have already established a complete lineup a few years ago. This includes, consumer electronics, smart TV’s, air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, display devices, small kitchen home appliances.

While Skyworth, as of the writing, they only offered Smart TV’s. However, according to Skyworth Head Quarter, in mid 2019, Skyworth will also offer both washing machine and refrigerator.

Skyworth After Sales Service vs TCL After Sales Service

Skyworth After Sales Service
As of the writing, the Skyworth has an over 130+ authorized service center nationwide to meet your after sales service need. For urgent care, please call Skyworth’s main service center hotline at (02)555-1555. For mobile phone Skyworth has Globe, Sun and Smart. 09178612605, 09258348502 and 09199944710, respectively.

You can also send an e-mail to or visit there main service center located at Skyworth Philippines, Bay 3, Omni Solid Services Inc., 8400 DR. Arcadio Santos Avenue, Brgy. San Antonio, Sucat, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines.

TCL After Sales Service
As of the writing, the TCL has an over 150+ authorized service center nationwide to meet your after sales service need. For urgent care, please call TCL’s main service center hotline at (02)771-6888. For mobile phone user TCL has Globe, Sun and Smart. 09166929723, 09227248968 and 09084147995, respectively. You can also send an e-mail to

Skyworth Warranty vs TCL Warranty

When it comes to warranty offered, both Skyworth and TCL offered 2 years limited warranty. 2 years warranty says it all for me.


In my own opinion, a good brand is here to stay in the long run but the product not seeking an innovation will not survive. Since, both Skyworth and TCL have survive a decade competition to global market. It safe for me to say that both Skyworth and TCL a good brand.

However, the race to the future and innovation has no sign of stopping. And when talk about innovation and research, it’s sounds money. Yet this Chinese brand stay with few or little margin when it comes to sale profit since they’re offering TV at very affordable price.

We will see who will survive the next revolution.

Helpful Review of Skyworth TB600 Sound Bar Bluetooth Speaker

If a huge and a half dozen sorts of speakers and wires doesn’t excite you, then, you may consider a Bluetooth sound bar speaker system. Yes, why would you need a big speaker for a big sound if a small size dole out great sound for its very affordable price.

The Skyworth TB600 sound bar Bluetooth speaker is capable for a much louder and wonderful sound than what everyone is expected for its size. Furthermore, it comes in a compact package that will easily fit in most living room setups. Plus an aluminum front panel design will perfectly mix in your living room, whatever your preferences from the simplicity of pared back Scandi style to an electric mix of color, texture and pattern.

And since, Skyworth TB600 is a Bluetooth speaker the ability to cast directly from your mobile phone simplifies music streaming. It’s sound also perfect with movies and regular channel broadcast as well as gaming.

Unboxing Skyworth TB600 sound bar Bluetooth Speaker

Actual Skyworth TB600 Photo from the box, it included the Speaker operating manual and other accessories.

Lightweight, just a width of 3 inches, height of three inches and forty inches in length. Elegant, with aluminum and silver panel design it’s pleasing enough to one’s eye although constructed of plastic.

A set of control button is adjacent to it’s circle design screen that displays the status of your sound bar activity. And since input buttons it limited, so manually switching until you find what you want is easy.

Unlike some other bluetooth sound bar speakers, the Skyworth TB600 won’t need to sit upright, it can be lay in-front of your TV set or can be wall mounted.

Skyworth TB600 Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker Features:

AUX-in: it allows user to play music using 3.5 mm earphone jack from source to TB600 Soundbarer

MP3 Link: If you have mp3 server you can connect TB600 into that device and play all want.

Bluetooth: It is a function where you can able to cast music from your smart phone to speaker via bluetooth.

FM Radio: With the help of RF receiver, you can enjoy local FM channel in your area.

Why should I consider to buy Skyworth Brand?

It is another good question, yes, there’s a wide selection of consumer electronics brand out there and Skyworth is just one of them. In my own opinion, its a price wise and perhaps look for the aftersale service, since, all of those brands out there is uses the same exact component then as a buyer, choose the inexpensive yet the quality and aftersale service is retain.

And furthermore, the most important thing before buying goods like sound bar Bluetooth speakers, is look for the warranty, parts availablity and the number of service centers that can able to cater your product in case it became deffective. Because, it is just an electronic device wherein you do not know when to crash.

Years or Months of Skyworth TB600 warranty?

Another important factor to look at before considering buying an electronic consumer goods is the range of offered warranty. For the Skyworth TB600 Bluetooth speaker, Skyworth Philippines offering 6 months limited warranty to all of it’s inexpensive speakers. And that 6 months warranty for me is fair enough but other brand do offer atleast one year warranty.

What is the coverage of the warranty?

Again as per Skyworth Philippines warranty policy written on the waranty certicate, it only covering the factory defect or issue. Beyond that such as natural disaster, user negligience and other natural phenomenom is not get covered with the six months warranty.

Where do I call in case Skyworth TB600 malfunction?

In case the TB600 Speaker will get deffective after buying, you may call Skyworth hotline at number (02)555-1555. At the moment of writing, Skyworth Philippines doesn’t have a toll free hotline. Somehow soon they offer such service too.

Replacement policy for Skyworth TB600?

As DTI standard based on R.A. 7394 also known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines, the buyer has the right to replace the unit within 7 days period. However, on the Skyworth Philippines side they do have a 30 days replacement policy. Therefore, you can get a replacement within that 30 days period.  

How do I avail the Skyworth 30 days replacement policy?

Simply, everyone who buy a deffective product within 30 days period from the date of purchase will enjoy that privilage. But wait, according to it’s warranty policy, Skyworth Philippines technical team will need to check the product first and they will decide if it is for replacement or not. Therefore, not everyone enjoy the 30 days replacement privelage especially those who damged there product maliciously.

Available Service for Skyworth TB600?

Since it is an electronic devices who uses electricity to function, the time it crash is unpredictable. If the power surge up or down, the Skyworth Bluetooth speaker might crash down. So it turns out, that the availability of Service Center in your area is very and really important.

As confirm over the phone by the Skyworth Philippines, they told me that they have a total of more than 200 available service centers nationwide (Philippines). Therefore, it probably cater all your aftersales service needs. And in addition to that, they also catering home service.

Why I choose brand who offer a home service?

Simply, it save me lot and lot of time plus energy to move my deffective product from my place to another place. Therefore, ask the sales representative if there brand is catering home service. If not I am not saying to avoid it. It’s your discreetion…

How to know if the brand service center is excellent?

In my own opinion and experience as a consumer, if you really want to know an excellent aftersale service, try to call there hotline. If you get answer of your query on your first try, then it is excellent. But if not, then try again until third attempt. Beyond three attempts, expect a very bad and really worse aftersale service.

And beware also with those brand with an auto answering phone calls and let it hold you a couple of hours waiting. I experience that so many times reaching there service. Expect a really bad aftersale then, usually two to three months turn around time.

What is the usual turn around time of service for speakers?

Usually, turn around time for an aftersale should be 2 to 3 days only, but sometimes 7 days is still forgiving. Beyond 7 days, it a worse nightmare for consumer who pay the product but didn’t enjoy it.

Product Summary:

Product Model: Skyworth TB600 2.0 CH soundbar

Skyworth TB600 Specification:

  • Bluetooth Function
  • 2.0 CH with 30 Watts x 2 RMS
  • Digital – PLL – FM – RADIO/RDS
  • Aluminum front panel
  • MP3 Link / AUX-in

Author insight on Skyworth TB600

Based on what I’ve learn and experience during my usage of Skyworth TB600 2.0 CH Speaker, it safe for me to say that it reach my expectation and fair enough for inexpensive price that is only around 3,990 SRP. For the design it is good, while for the sound, TB600 is not that loud it is just right, somehow it is perfect for small room probably somewhere in 30 square meters. Bluetooth usage has no problem, FM Radio RF Antenna reception is fine, MP3 Link no problem as well as TV to speaker via composite inputs.