Musicoin a decentralized music platform.

Musicoin a decentralized music platformMusicoin a decentralized music platform

Musicoin is a fork of Ethereum blockchain and the first block was mined last Feb. 11, 2017. Unlike other projects, musicoin was launched without an Initial Coin Offering or pre-mine or pre-allocation of fund. Even in the absent of initial pool of fund, Musicoins developer continue to push the vision of project and hoping to that MUSIC become a joyous and rewarding experience for everyone. There ultimate goal is to make the Musicoin blockchain more Stable, Sustainable, Secure and Scalable.

Benefits of Musicians and Listeners

With smart-contract functionality, automatically distributes 100% of the revenue to musicians on the Musicoin platform every time a listener presses play.

Listeners will not have to pay for streaming music on the Musicoin platform. Instead, it will be completely free for listeners to stream content on the Musicoin network.

To summarize, Every time an end user listens to a song, the system automatically pays the musician a predetermined amount of PPP, with funds reserved for UBI, without any cost to or intervention from the listener. Moreover, if the listener likes the content, and decides to tip the musician, they can do so with however many Musicoins they want.


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