What is the danger of having an AI Listening Smart TV (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)?

Imagine a futuristic big brother house which totally monitored by a private agency or entity, in every word, in every room of the house. It would be like Big brother house on steroids, no room to voice a free opinion or speak a private word in case the listening devices were picking it up. And the government was run by one party with no choice in the matter and any dissent was immediately rooted out.

Well we are heading in that direction, because we let it to happen. See the arrival of the home listening device such as the Amazon Alexa system. These is also the key features of all Smart TV’s around globe that make sell and are now available in the market as voice activated engine or home AI in the new era of the IoT or internet of things.

What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of having an AI Listening Smart TV (Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)?

Ok what is the advantage of having an AI Listening Smart TV with you? Off course, since IoT makes everything becomes connected, we find it more sexy and friendly. Just say what you want and your listening AI personal assistant well give you the answer or do the job for you.

But in my opinion having those listening AI devices or Smart TV’s in your home, pocket or even in your car are immediate alarm bells. It turns out that you were loosing your privacy. It sounds more sinister than it is but it confirms all our suspicions about being listened to from behind some electronic device.

Just like with Facebook, our data can be harvested by Facebook and sell it to someone has the intention of what ever reason. Apparently the companies who make the Alexa systems and Google Assistant do occasionally harvest some of the spoken conversations people have had with Alexa in order to test it and improve the machine learning capacity. Sophia, as she might be known, the AI, is not only living in the cloud like an entity unto herself and teaching herself rapidly with each interaction.

I think you didn’t know that Alexa system is also being assisted by real humans who are hired in thousand around world to sit for eight hours a day in shifts, listening to your conversations, in order to hear if Alexa correctly performed her listening capabilities and responded as an efficient product for customers.

Probably you would say that “I am not doing illegal things so why would I worry”. Ok, problem is that the data or your conversation are randomly captured and records conversation that you thought was completely private. And staff who listen to their random recordings are finding at least 100 out of 1000 of recordings they listen to are such arbitrary recordings of private lives. That’s 10% in total which I think it’s really high.

Now what you do you think? Do you still find yourself safe in the hand of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. What if your private supposed to be a private conversation was save and recorded which will harvested to file a lawsuit against you. What if the main server of this listening devices get compromised and all the data come available in public. This question is for you to answer.

Do Smart TV’s Listen to your conversation or Spying you?

Yes, most Smart TV’s listen to your conversation and spying on you 24/7, thanks to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant making it happened globally. In addition to that AI also randomly recorded your supposed to be a private conversation and being playback by real human being somewhere. Smart TV also see’s or recorded a video of you without your knowing. How bad it that if you have Smart TV on your bed room!

What are the TV Brand comes with an AI Listening Smart TV?

The first brand to introduce this spying and listening AI features to TV technology are Samsung, Sony and LG which in the first place they claimed it to be private. However, things goes complicated nowadays. The listening and learning AI continued to progress each and everyday. And almost all the brand carries AI Listening Smart TV even the Chinese brands which include Skyworth, Coocaa, TCL, Hisense, and etc.

Can smart TV will affected with Virus or Can it be Hacked?

Smart TV’s nowadays comes totally vulnerable and have no security features. Despite of insecurity, most Smart TV user still has a confidence of sharing there personal and even financial information into it. For example paying services or buying an app through TV using credit card. For your information, there is a Trojan like malware that infected Smart devices employed by hacker to steal money and other valuable information.

Do I need to install antivirus for my Smart TV?

Yes, you need to have to install an antivirus on your Smart TV to protect you from malware and other infamous activity over the internet such as phishing. It is not only to protect you from malware but some antivirus has a feature helping you optimized your Smart TV performance.

Do smart TVs have Bluetooth?

Most Smart TV’s nowdays comes featuring with Bluetooth technology use to connect with speakers and other playback wirelessly or in perimeter. Bluetooth on Smart TV also let you connect to your game pad and other accessories needing it. Usually, you can locate Bluetooth on settings by pressing home on your Smart remote.

Can I Bluetooth my Phone to Smart TV?

Yes, they will pair or connect to one another (phone and Smart TV via Bluetooth). However, you can’t share video or even music to playback from you phone to TV using Bluetooth. But don’t worry sharing or casting to bigger screen is common feature to all Smart TV’s across the globe. These features usually being called as Screen Mirroring or Chromecasting

Do Smart TV have Wi-Fi?

Most Smart TV’s comes with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet port that is usually located on the back side of the TV. However, when it comes Wi-Fi some TV comes with wi-fi dongle while other comes with built-in adapter.

What is the advantage of having Smart TV’?

Having a Smart TV in home especially with those who is featuring Listening AI Assistant (Alexa System and Google Assistant) is somewhat like shooting two birds in one stone. You have the entertainment system to make you more relax plus a personal AI assistant. And compare to basic TV, having Smart TV is like having almost everything. You can able to access the internet, access your social, watch your favorite video streaming and pod cast and more. However, there is an disadvantage of having such as what we mention earlier on this post.

Coocaa 40S5G (40 Inches Full HD LED Android TV) Helpful Review

Actual Photo of Coocaa 40S5G Full HD Android TV

Coocaa 40S5G Full HD LED Android TV was introduce in the Philippines online market at very affordable price.

And as expected, the Coocaa 40S5G is none Netflix TV despite of being a bearer of Google Android Operating System.

This particular model does not even authorized you to search Netflix keyword on play store as confirmed by Coocaa Head Quarter and as what we have experience during the test.

However, youtube and other free video streaming appliccation are all available for you to enjoy.

Since, it was dubbed as none Netflix ready TV, in my opinion there is always a way to get around and get in.

But before we go further, let us first to take look the product specification. Let’s begin…

Coocaa 40S5G Specification

OS: Android Oreo 8.0
Design: Infinity Display
Processor: Quad-Core CPU, Cortex A53
Graphics: Quad-core GPU. Mali T860
RAM: DDR 1.25 GB
AI Assistant: Google Assistant

DTS Tru-Surround
Dolby Digital™ Plus
Sound Mode: Sandard, Sport, Movie, Music
Speaker: Down-firing Speakers
Surround: Yes
Backlight System: Direct LED

Panel Type: VA Panel
Screen Size – Diagonal: 40 inches
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Viewing Angle: 89/89
Clear Motion Rate: 60Hz
Response Time: 9.5ms
Brightness of Panel: 240
Picture Mode: User/Standard/Sport/Vivid
Display Mode: auto, 16:9, 4:3, panorama, zoom, P2P
Receiver: DVB-T2 Receiving System
Digital Audio Output: optical
Audio Output: Lineout/Earphone
Video Color Systems: PAL M/N NTSC-M
Audio System: CVBS,L/R(Mono L)
NEW! Remote with Voice Command Microphone!

Now that we have knowledge about the Coocaa 40S5G specs, lets dive to take some of it’s feature.

Life is Easy with Android TV
With Coocaa 40S5G you can control your Smart home devices using your Coocaa remote. Likewise, if you feel bored, you can also talk to your Coocaa TV Google Assistant. Explore and have fun!

Visualize what you say
No more search typing, just say what you want and Google voice search will find it for you.

Erupting Contents
You can find and download thousands of apps and contents in Google play store.

Infinity Display
Edgeless frame or 97% screen to body ratio known as FOCL technology Coocaa 40S5G utilize to reduce top, left and right frames to maximize the user home entertainment, whereas regular 40 inches has 94% screen to body ratio. FOCL stands for “Frameless Open-cell Lock-in Technology”.

Infinity View 2.0
We have dedicated to design an unprecedented display to give you a much more immersive, detail – oriented, comprehensive viewing experience.

From phone to Coocaa TV
Just click on the cast icon on your smartphone to cast videos and pictures on your TV and get better viewing experience. Thanks to built-in Google Chromecast.

Game in your style
Play games without your station. Google play provides thousands of games. However, gamepad is not included inside the box.

Window to the outside world
Full HD (1080p) brings every detail to your screen transforming your viewing experience Full HD TV is two times more detailed than HD TV.

Every port you need
Use USB to play movie or music in multiple codec, connect HDMI to expand computer screen, connect external speakers to enjoy surround sound.

About Coocaa

Coocaa is a mid to high-end internet brand that provides high specs, high cost performance produtcs and great service. They have set foot on more than 40 countries, built nine manufacturing bases and six R&D centers globally.

Coocaa slogan is “Play in your Style” which is to hit the PLAY button on the best contents that you love and have a great time.

All of the products are manufactured with a factory of 23 years experience under Chinese standard.

Here on the Philippines, Coocaa and Skyworth signed contract to cater after sales service. Therefore, expect the service Skyworth has.

Now that you have enough product knowledge about what is Coocaa 40S5G, then it is time for you to know how you will get around the problem.

And the most common and expected problem was Netflix installation. Then let’s go…

How to install Netflix to Coocaa 40S5G 2K Android TV?

Since, Coocaa 40S5G is none Netflix TV, therefore, it is normal to encounter the following Netflix error as follows; This device is not optimized for Netflix (-14)

This device is not optimized for Netflix (-14)

Or “Sorry, your account can’t be used on this device.”

Sorry, your account can't be used on this device.

The problem is given, but the question is “Is there any solution for TV user to gain access to the Netflix app?” to the fact that it is confirmed none Netflix TV.

Yes, there is a solution to that particular problem you’ve encounter but some Netflix feature will be compromised. Because, the application we are going to install to go around the Netflix server is the recent android version 4.4.4 Netflix app.

This application is work well with Jellybean but I think it is old enough for the new Oreo operating system or the Android version 8.0.0. However, it still works.

To make it happen we need to install the ES File Explorer File Manager first as our dependencies. Here’s how to install ES File Explorer to Skyworth Android TV.

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Search for “ES File Explorer File Manager”.
  3. Click “Install”

The installation is successful if the result will be the same as what you have seen in the figure below.

ES File Explorer File Manager Installation

Now that you’ve successfully Install the ES File Explorer File Manager, you are now ready to proceed to the next step.

First we need to download the older Netflix APK file or the Android Package Kit File from the trusted source. Here is the link to Netflix4-4-4-build.apk.

Since we already obtain the software we need, we will now proceed to install it. Below are the step by step procedure on how to Install the Netflix4-4-4-build.apk to Skyworth model 49E6, 49E6D, 49E3, 49E3D, 43E6, 43E6D, 43E3, 43E3D, 40E6, 40E6D, 40E3, 40E3D, 32E6, 32E6D, 32E3 and 32E3D.

Step by Step Procedure on how Install Netflix to Skyworth Android TV.

Load the Netflix4-4-4-build APK (Android Package Kit) file on your USB flash drive. Make sure that it will not be put inside a folder.

Insert the USB flash drive containing Netflix4-4-4-build file to the Skyworth Android TV USB 2.0 port.

Open “ES File Explorer File Manager ”

Go to install APK application found in the “ APP” menu.

Select the “INSTALL APK” and you will see the applications you save in the USB

A pop up menu will come out and select the “Package installer” for the application to be installed in the TV. You can select the “Just once” option.

Installing Application Using Factory Settings

Using original Skyworth remote or the Factory remote, Press “Source 3 1 9 5“.

Skyworth Factory Menu Settings

Use arrow down key on your remote and find “Others” menu.

Factory Others Menu

On “Others” menu, select Install app.

Select your USB flash drive it would be the one labeled with “sdcard0”.

Then select the APK (Android Package Kit) file that you wish to install.

How to install Netflix the easy way!

  1. Download Netflix4-4-4-build.apk here using laptop or desktop.
  2. Transfer Netflix 4.4 apk to usb (do not put in folder,hard drive is not applicable)
  3. Insert usb(flask drive) to Android TV
  4. Download “Es File Explorer” in Google play store using your Android TV
  5. Open “Es File Explorer” and look for Netflix 4.4 apk
  6. Install Netflix but do not update(install apps cannot see in HOME MENU)
  7. To open Netflix go to SETTINGS then look for apps
  8. Open Netflix and enjoy!

How to Connect Coocaa 40S5G Digital Audio Output to Analog Speaker?

TV like Coocaa 40S5G comes only with Digital Audio output and it is frustrating if your available speaker is only compatible to analog connector as 3.5 mm jack.

But worry no more, after so many try I finally found the compatible and exact product I needed to connect digital out to analog jack (3.5 jack ) speaker system. Thanks to UGREEN Digital Optical Toslink Coax to Analog Audio 3.5mm Jack Converter Adapter, I solve this problem and happy to share with you!

Where to buy the Digital Audio to Analog Audio Converter?

Here is the exact link of the product (digital audio to analog audio converter) https://amzn.to/2I5NBZS, it’s from amazon and based on my own experience delivery would take 5 days from the date of purchase.

The converter is just around $10.00 or 500 pesos converted to Philippine bank note. It’s inexpensive. Take note avoid the one from Lazada converter, i won’t work with Coocaa and Skyworth LED TV.

How to Setup Coocaa 40S5G and UGREEN Jack Converter Adapter?

Unbox UGREEN Digital to Analog Audio Converter. Please refer to image below;

On UGREEN Digital to Analog, connect the male jack to female jack based on color code, red and white for audio. Please refer to image below;

Likewise, on your speaker, connect the male jack to female jack based on color code, red to red and white to white for audio. Please refer to below image;

Again on your UGREEN Digital to Analog, insert optical audio jack to optical port and power supply to it’s port. Please refer to image below;

Likewise, on Coocaa 40S5G, connect the optical audio jack to optical out port located at the back of your TV. Please refer to below image;

Now your done, however, it still don’t work. Why? Because, you need to change the default config of your TV out. Here is the step by step guide on how to change the TV default audio out.

On your remote, press “MENU” and it will bring you to the following screen. Please refer to below image;

Using the arrow down button locate “MORE” and press “OK”. It will bring you to the following screen. See below image;

On “TV Setting”, using arrow down button, locate “SPDIF Type”. By default it is set to “Dolby Digital”. Please refer to the image below;

Again on your Coocaa remote, press “OK” and radio button will appear. Please refer to image below;

To change the default settings, select “PCM” and press “OK”. Please refer to image below;

Now it’s all set! Enjoy the beat and bang of your surround speaker system with your Coocaa 40S5G LED TV.

Coocaa 40S5G False Positive Defect

Some user believes that those dimmed light or dark spot near the frame and across the screen was a defect. But it was find out that those dark spot are false positive.

Coocaa 40S5G Parts

Coocaa 40S5G Mainboard

Coocaa 40S5G Power supply

Coocaa 40S5G Bluetooth

Coocaa 40S5G Wi-Fi Adapter

Coocaa 40S5G Wi-Fi Speaker

Coocaa 40S5G Remote