Reasons why Investing in Cryptocurrencies is a Must?

Reasons why Investing in Cryptocurrencies is a must?

In 1987, they predicted that the Soviet Union would collapse and a few years later, that’s exactly what happened.On 26th of December 1991, Soviet Union collapse into 15 independent republics, a result of the declaration number 142-Н of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union.

In 1989, they predicted that the Japanese stock long running bull market in Tokyo may be nearing an end. Months later, the Japanese asset price bubble’s collapse in late 1991 and early 1992. And it has never recovered!

In 2000, they predicted the dot com bubble will explode and at the same year, NASDAQ began a two year, 77% decline.

In early 2006, they predicted the crash of the housing bubble along with lender Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And a few months later the it’s happened, where according to reports the housing prices peaked in early 2006, started to decline in 2006 and 2007, and reached new lows in 2012. On December 30, 2008, the Case–Shiller home price index reported its largest price drop in its history.

And now they predicting the next great world shift will be happened in America. And they believe that it already passed the point of no return. Which means that a crisis is now inevitable and unstoppable.

It will start in the banks, ATM machine or credit card and find that it isn’t working or gone offline, which I experience many times now. And if you made a call to your bank, you will get a prerecorded message from some agency you don’t recognize.

What people don’t see in the 1950’s, the United States began switching over to a new kind of economic system. Which ends the gold standard in 1970’s. The new system made America’s economy what it is. If you’ve ever wondered how America managed to keep going despite every sign pointing to coming collapse.

The trouble is that over three decades ago, there is a fatal flaw in the current system. And as this system keeps growing, so too, does the flaw. When the fiat currency collapse a systemic shock will disrupt live in ways you never imagine possible.

You will suddenly be locked out of your own bank account. Unable to withdraw cash or deposit a check. The stock market will swing wildly out of control. You won’t even be able to access your social security fund.

Like a virus it will affect and spread to the food supply chain, causing massive shortages. The same thing will happen to other industrial networks. And one by one, every service you’ve come to depend on from bank, grocery store, to government agency will shutdown.

You won’t be able to get cash, and without cash you won’t be able to buy food or all other basic needs. And what happen to you then?

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Decentralized Q & A platform on Steem Blockchain! a decentralized question and answer website

Decetralized is the future from social media, industrial sectors, commercial processes, governmental structures, economic systems, it seems to know no bounds. I suggest that the trans-formative power of blockchain technology should not be seen as a threat to existing systems of governance rather, it should be seen as an opportunity for everyone.

Blockchains can bring transparency to opaque or corrupt systems, and verifiability and immutability to commercial processes. They can bring security and resilience to vulnerable infrastructure, ensure individual privacy whilst guaranteeing autonomy, and encourage cooperation and engender trust where they are needed most.

In today’s post, we will talk about the decentralized question and answer platform on top of Steem blockchain technology called as “”. Probably, this topic is a complete stranger to anyone outside the cryptosphere or blockchain community. I think it makes more sense if I am going to introduced it outside the cryptosphere.

Probably you haven’t heard yet. As I mentioned earlier is a decentralized question and answer platform that is simillar to “Yahoo Answer”, “Quora” or “StackOverflow”. You’re question ask will usually answered in minutes. It recorded and used on Steem’s blockchain, which makes the entire application almost entirely decentralized. The interactions should involve just your browser and the blockchain. But there’s more, since it run on top of the steem blockchain you can earn Steem and SBD just by insightfully asking or answering questions.

Since it goes live a few months ago, has been an over fifty thousand questions and answers posted on their DApp. They also had an over half a million page views to date.

How to get started with
To get started with it’s a must to have an account on steem blockchain. Therefore you should signup on steemit here:

Steemit is not a typical social app. It’s powered by the Steem blockchain. It means, a single Steem account gets you into all Steem-based apps.

Whaleshares and WhaleTokens: Future of Social Media!

whaleshares,, whaleshares wallpaper

Whaleshares is a social sharing platform whose primary objective is to disrupt the existing technology such as facebook. Unlike, facebook and other centralized platform out their, whaleshares allow its users to share and rewarded for their contributions in the form of whale tokens or WhaleTokens.

WhaleTokens are cross-platform tokens that can be used to reward whaleshares posts. Ussually, user can earn Whaletokens by attending community events, entering sponsored contests, post quality content or curating new post. It is also comes available to buy from bitshares exchange.

List and Values of WhaleTokens

List and Values of WhaleTokens

What do I need to get started?
You will need a BitShares account to receive, hold, and use WhaleTokens. Although you can create a BitShares account at any of the exchanges. Yet it is highly recommended to use the RuDEX Exchange to create an account. Once you create an account, you can use any of the exchanges.