Why Blocktrades Anonymous Digital Currency Exchange.

Why Blocktrades Anonymous Digital Currency Exchange

There are several digital asset exchanges on the market which allows you to use the service without verifying your identity. It means that registration is not require for you to use the service. And Blocktrades is one of them. BlockTrades International Ltd. is a registered company in the Cayman Islands.

BlockTrades has always put a lot of emphasis on fast and efficient customer support, as they have experienced the emotional stress of waiting for funds to arrive safely at their destination. In general, I think they’ve been an industry leader in “fast response” resolution of transaction problems, but they always strive do even better.

In fact, they offer a free Cryptocurrency-usage training. The new help system includes information that will be useful to anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency transactions, such as tips for how to check that your transaction has succeeded when using different types of wallets. It also has several “Steem-specific” sections on topics like Steem account creation, Steem Power delegations, etc.

In many cases, this information should enable customer problems to be resolved without needing to wait for assistance from our support personnel. In cases where assistance is required, the new Support Request form should enable us to more quickly gather the information needed to solve such problems without creating a lengthy chain of emails.

Below are some screen shots of the new Help system. In the first screen, we see the initial Help view. From this page, a user can browse through the help topics on the right, or use the Interactive Help available via the Support Request form on the left to help you find the information you need.

blocktrades help

Recently, blocktrades.us also lowered the “flat fees” associated with sending Bitcoin and Monero as a result of the decreased fees charged by those blockchains. Most notably, the flat fee charge for a Monero output transaction is approximately one penny (~$0.01 USD).

Musicoin a decentralized music platform.

Musicoin a decentralized music platformMusicoin a decentralized music platform

Musicoin is a fork of Ethereum blockchain and the first block was mined last Feb. 11, 2017. Unlike other projects, musicoin was launched without an Initial Coin Offering or pre-mine or pre-allocation of fund. Even in the absent of initial pool of fund, Musicoins developer continue to push the vision of project and hoping to that MUSIC become a joyous and rewarding experience for everyone. There ultimate goal is to make the Musicoin blockchain more Stable, Sustainable, Secure and Scalable.

Benefits of Musicians and Listeners

With smart-contract functionality, automatically distributes 100% of the revenue to musicians on the Musicoin platform every time a listener presses play.

Listeners will not have to pay for streaming music on the Musicoin platform. Instead, it will be completely free for listeners to stream content on the Musicoin network.

To summarize, Every time an end user listens to a song, the system automatically pays the musician a predetermined amount of PPP, with funds reserved for UBI, without any cost to or intervention from the listener. Moreover, if the listener likes the content, and decides to tip the musician, they can do so with however many Musicoins they want.

Website: https://musicoin.org/

List of Philippines digital currency exchange.

philippines cryptocurrency and digital asset exchanges

As of the writing, there are already three crypto currency or digital assets exchange in the Philippines. One is already live for trading to the public (COINS PRO), while the other two are still on there private beta testing (PDAX & Citadax).


coinspro digital asset exchange philippines
The Philippines first digital currency exchange exclusive for coins.ph users. Therefore, if you want to trade Philippine peso into cryptocurrency here in the Philippines, you need to have a verified coins.ph account first.

As of the writing, coins.pro offer following trading pairs;

Philippine Peso Trading Pairs

Bitcoin Trading Pairs

Ethereum Trading Pairs

Bitcoin Cash Trading Pairs

Ripple Trading Pairs

How to trade using Coins Pro?
Once your funds are in your Coins Pro account, you can begin trading. Go to the Dashboard and follow these steps:

1. Select the trading pair you wish to trade.
2. Click on Buy or Sell
3. Select the order type.
4. Enter in the amount you wish to Buy or Sell, along with price information, depending on your order type
5. Place your order!



PDAX digital and cryptocurrency exchange in the philippines
As of the writing, PDAX is still on there private beta testing. As promiss, when it go live PDAX lets you buy, sell and manage crypto currency, utilitytokens, and other digital assets in ther there secure platform. Probably PDAX will carry Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.


CITADAX digital currency and asset trading platform philippines
As of the writing, CITADAX is still on there private beta testing. But unlike the other, in CITADAX we don’t have any idea what cryptocurrency they will go into.

Cryptocurrency are years away from mass adoption but one thing I am sure, the masses will be here at some point. They will not stay away forever.

Decentralized Q & A platform on Steem Blockchain!

musing.io a decentralized question and answer website

Decetralized is the future from social media, industrial sectors, commercial processes, governmental structures, economic systems, it seems to know no bounds. I suggest that the trans-formative power of blockchain technology should not be seen as a threat to existing systems of governance rather, it should be seen as an opportunity for everyone.

Blockchains can bring transparency to opaque or corrupt systems, and verifiability and immutability to commercial processes. They can bring security and resilience to vulnerable infrastructure, ensure individual privacy whilst guaranteeing autonomy, and encourage cooperation and engender trust where they are needed most.

In today’s post, we will talk about the decentralized question and answer platform on top of Steem blockchain technology called as “musing.io”. Probably, this topic is a complete stranger to anyone outside the cryptosphere or blockchain community. I think it makes more sense if I am going to introduced it outside the cryptosphere.

Probably you haven’t heard musing.io yet. As I mentioned earlier musing.io is a decentralized question and answer platform that is simillar to “Yahoo Answer”, “Quora” or “StackOverflow”. You’re question ask will usually answered in minutes. It recorded and used on Steem’s blockchain, which makes the entire application almost entirely decentralized. The interactions should involve just your browser and the blockchain. But there’s more, since it run on top of the steem blockchain you can earn Steem and SBD just by insightfully asking or answering questions.

Since it goes live a few months ago, musing.io has been an over fifty thousand questions and answers posted on their DApp. They also had an over half a million page views to date.

How to get started with musing.io?
To get started with musing.io it’s a must to have an account on steem blockchain. Therefore you should signup on steemit here: https://signup.steemit.com/.

Steemit is not a typical social app. It’s powered by the Steem blockchain. It means, a single Steem account gets you into all Steem-based apps.

Whaleshares and WhaleTokens: Future of Social Media!

whaleshares, whaleshares.io, whaleshares wallpaper

Whaleshares is a social sharing platform whose primary objective is to disrupt the existing technology such as facebook. Unlike, facebook and other centralized platform out their, whaleshares allow its users to share and rewarded for their contributions in the form of whale tokens or WhaleTokens.

WhaleTokens are cross-platform tokens that can be used to reward whaleshares posts. Ussually, user can earn Whaletokens by attending community events, entering sponsored contests, post quality content or curating new post. It is also comes available to buy from bitshares exchange.

List and Values of WhaleTokens

List and Values of WhaleTokens

What do I need to get started?
You will need a BitShares account to receive, hold, and use WhaleTokens. Although you can create a BitShares account at any of the exchanges. Yet it is highly recommended to use the RuDEX Exchange to create an account. Once you create an account, you can use any of the exchanges.